Foil Setup

When creating a foil mask or embossing mask you must create a separate file along with your regular artwork. This file must be at 100% black (no other colors, gradients, or shading) and white. The black will represent where the foil or embossing will be placed almost like a template over your artwork. Anywhere white will not be foiled or embossed. Foiling and embossing is also done only on one side of the paper and can not be done on both and is limited to certain paper stock.

All Foiling and embossing is done "blind" meaning after the cut so it may shift up to an 1/8th of an inch. Please compensate for this on your artwork and keep art simple. Do not align artwork against or under the embossing or foiling due to this shift. All embossing and foiling must be with in the safe area (please see Safe Area) and can not bleed over the edges. Avoid using thin fonts and thin lines. Foiling and embossing is a delicate process and due to the limitations certain point sizes may not register (Recommended minimum 10pts or above, depending on font).

If you have foiling with UV please keep the foil 1/8" from any UV. If UV is placed under any of the foiling it will tend to flake off so please check your artwork carefully (See When Using Multiple Add On Services for more information).

Position of the foil, minimum 0.25 inches from the trim line


Foil Stamping Files must be 100% black. Gradient, color not excepted

Foil Stamping can not overlap with UV and Spot UV, Distance between spot UV and foil minimum 0.125”

We do not recommend using spot UV on the back side of the card when you need foil stamping on the front

Hair line of foil might not be able to show, use minimum 4 point stroke weight and up 

Avoid using large solid foiled area (we do not recommend larger than 0.75” for both dimension sides)

We Foil Stamp Front Side only
The maximum allowable paper size for the product is 3.5" x 2"
The maximum allowable foil stamping area is 3" x 1.5"