Gecko Car Display Suction Cup Sign Holder

  • 2900

This product can be used in automobile shop windows, automobile sales centers, promotion activities on car roofs, and as a upright advertisement on materials like glass, smooth marble, etc - Great for small businesses to direct customers to their store, or even outdoor events to direct entry.
  • Sticks To Any Smooth Surface 
  • Extra Strong Twist Lock Grip 
  • Easy To Use 
  • 100% Weather Proof 
  • Limitless Applications 

Sold individually - 1 Per Box. Sign not included. Holds panels 3MM~10MM

Attract attention, advertise your brand, boost your image, increase your sales and gain competitive advantage over your rivals by using Gecko car display suction cups. The Gecko car display system is versatile and easy to use with limitless applications. Made from high quality materials, Gecko car displays are durable, weatherproof and have an extra strong grip. The patented twist lock mechanism allows the suction cups to stick on any smooth surface and makes them virtually impossible to move. Ideal used on metal, glass or tile. The stylish design looks fantastic fitted with printed boards displaying your graphic images or pictures which are held firmly in place with a twist cap locking bolt.

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